Healthy Food For Camps

Healthy Food

Healthy Alternatives

Adrenaline Adventures gives parents the option to offer healthy food alternatives to their kids attending summer camps. Don’t worry about packing a lunch every day or having your kids eat concession food all week, our in-house chef can prepare delicious food options for everyone!

Regular Portion Includes:

Monday: Mac and Cheese, Apple, Blueberry Muffin and a Juice Box
Tuesday: Crispy Chicken Wrap with Lettuce, Cheese & Honey Dill Sauce, Grapes, Yogurt and a Juice Box
Wednesday: Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Orange-Mandarin slices, Carrot Muffin and a Juice Box
Thursday: Turkey or Ham, Cheese on a Whole Wheat Bun, Water Melon Chunks and a Juice Box
Friday: 7” Cheese Pizza, Fruit Salad, Veggies/Dip and a Juice Box

Large Portion Includes:

Monday: Cheese Strings, Vanilla Pudding
Tuesday: Granola Bar, Apple
Wednesday: Cheese and Crackers, Chocolate Pudding
Thursday: Rice Crispy Square, Strawberry Yogurt
Friday: Oatmeal Cookie, Cheese Strings

Lunches are available Monday – Friday (not on holidays).

Regular lunch costs $35 per week ($28 for the four-day week), and the large lunch costs $45 per week ($36 for the four-day week). Prices do not include tax. We reserve the right to make substitutions based on availability of products.

To offer these menu items to your kids, select the “Healthy Food Options” when registering your child for camp.