Safety at Adrenaline Adventures

Adrenaline Adventures prides itself on having an extremely good safety record in its years of operations. All of our systems are inspected by the Manitoba Fire Commissioner’s Office and certified by them as being safe for the public. In addition, a number of engineers were involved in designing the cables for our wakeboarding system, and we’re members of the Water Sports Industry Association to maintain best safety practices from around the globe.

The following details some of the measures we take to ensure your safety at Adrenaline Adventures:

Cable Wakeboarding Safety

Our cable wakeboarding system was designed and installed by Sesitec, a German company with decades of experience with cable systems across the world. All of our towers have been certified by Canadian officials, and the entire system is inspected on an annual basis by the Office of the Fire Commissioner for Manitoba.

In addition, our staff works diligently on a daily basis to maintain the cable system. this includes daily maintenance, weekly tests, and annual checkups. Our maintenance staff loves to wakeboard, and they want to keep the system up and running safely for as long as possible.

While we spend significant effort on the safety of our system, we also work with Manitoba Health to ensure high levels of water quality and the safety of our patrons. Regular water quality tests are performed and the lakes are treated accordingly if any of the results indicated potential health issues. Finally, Adrenaline Adventures has many certified lifeguards on staff who monitor the lakes and are there in case of emergency.

On top of all this, all of our cable wakeboarding customers are required to wear certified helmets, and can only enter the water while wearing Canada Coast Guard Approved safety vests. This is one of the safest outdoor activities you can do!

Ropes Course & Zipline Safety

Everyone wants to feel safe while hooked into a thin piece of material carrying their entire body weight, or when jumping off the top of a 55′ tall structure to zipline to the bottom. Thankfully, Adrenaline Adventures has gone to great lengths to ensure the safety, stability, and reliability of its ropes course and equipment.

First, the auto-belays which provide tension to those falling during their climb are certified annually in Colorado. The equipment is tested and a certificate is issued for each auto-belay to ensure that they’ll be able to hold your weight if you happen to fall.

Next, the course itself was designed by one of the best in the world who lives and breathes climbing courses. The structure was stamped by an engineer, and the equipment is tested regularly by The Office of the Fire Commissioner in Manitoba.

Participants are trained on using the climbing equipment before tackling the course, and are always hooked into the course, no matter where they are. Finally, our ropes course facilitators have hundreds of hours of experience on the course, can perform emergency rescues if required, and will always be there to ensure things are being performed safely.

Snow Tubing Safety

Snow tubing is an activity suitable for kids and adults of all ages, and as such we take safety very seriously. As with most other equpment, our tow rope equipment is certified regularly by The Office of the Fire Commissioner of Manitoba to ensure that it is operating as expected. In addition, our tow rope comes with automatic emergency stop gates which shut the entire system down if a tube does not properly disconnect itself at the top of the hill. Our hills are groomed on a regular basis to minimize the number of sharp edges or bumps along the way, and our staff is trained on keeping you safe while at the facility.

Other Safety Information

Let us know if you have any other concerns regarding the safety of our facilities!